A turf professional’s greatest ally is knowledge. There’s the professional knowledge acquired through the study of agronomy and the wisdom gained from experience, season after season. And when stubborn issues persist – whether in turf management or business management – you need the specialized knowledge that comes from leading experts in their field.

Tom Irwin works closely with a premier team of industry experts in a variety of disciplines, giving Tom Irwin clients the benefits of their knowledge and experience – to solve challenging problems, enhance their job performance, and build their careers.


Logan Labs Soil and Water Testing
Solving problems and making the best use of chemicals and fertilizers begins with the soil and water test. Tom Irwin Reps sample a client’s soil and water in order to understand the nature of the growing environment. A single test can often times save thousands in product while solving both simple and complex issues with understanding and insight.

International Sports Turf Research Center
When the need for a deeper understanding of a client’s soil profile is warranted, Tom Irwin and ISTRC lead the way. ISTRC provides a thorough analysis of a soil’s overall performance potential. Cultural practices are discussed and recommendations are made based on the soil’s needs.

Analysis and Evaluation

The Tom Irwin Team is available to review each client’s individual test data. Test results are analyzed, site particulars are examined, budget allocations are reviewed, and an overall evaluation is discussed. The Tom Irwin Rep then makes recommendations he feels best fits the client’s needs and budget.


Dr. Nathaniel Mitkowski, Associate Professor at the University of Rhode Island’s Department of Plant Sciences and Entomology

When it comes to plant pathology, Tom Irwin’s top resource is Dr. Nathaniel Mitkowski, Associate Professor at the University of Rhode Island’s Department of Plant Sciences and Entomology. “I’ve been associated with Tom Irwin since about 2003,” said Dr. Mitkowski. “Mostly I deal with diseases – anthracnose, root pythium, bacterial wilt. I also deal with turf management problems.”

Dr. Mitkowski is known for his prompt response. “If you’re a superintendent and you’ve got a disease issue, you don’t want to wait,” he said. “In less than 24 hours, I can call back and say, ‘This is the problem and this is the way you need to manage it.’ It’s a real pleasure for me to deal with all the guys at Tom Irwin. They know a lot about disease management and they’re very passionate about their work.”

Agronomic and Product Solutions


Not all solutions come in a jug. Often times, Tom Irwin Reps discuss various cultural and maintenance practices as solutions to challenges our clients face. Our clients appreciate that Tom Irwin Reps are fluent in practical agronomic sciences.
Product solutions are also important. Tom Irwin, Inc. has all the products needed to overcome any issue a turf grass professional may face. But more importantly, we have the expertise needed to help you position them properly. In todays changing chemical world, it’s nice to know you’re not alone.

Follow Up

Tom Irwin reps visit their clients on a regular basis. These visits include a tour of the property with an eye towards product evaluation and turf grass health and playability. Often times, changes are made to the planner in the field using iPad technology which allows Tom Irwin clients to quickly adapt their plan to changing conditions, minimizing disease outbreaks while maximizing product performance. The result is championship playing conditions on a regular basis. With Tom Irwin, you are not alone.