Leadership Training

Randy Jones, Owner of The Jones Development Group,  teaching at the Tom Irwin Leadership Forum
at Gillette Stadium, February 2012.

Every January, Tom Irwin hosts the Leadership Forum, a program that provides clients with effective strategies to improve their communication, team-building, and budgeting skills. The session is led by Randy Jones of The Jones Development Group.

“Turf professionals understand agronomy, but a big part of their job is working with people,” explained Jones. “They want to know how to manage employees better, how to sell their budgets and proposals to boards of directors and greens committees. That’s what we help them with.”

Developed in collaboration with Tom Irwin, Jones’ program teaches attendees how to develop and exert influence. The sessions are interactive, with the Tom Irwin representatives participating as coaches with their clients. “Tom Irwin understands that leadership development is a process, not an event,” said Jones. “After I leave, they continue to drive home the training with their clients throughout the year.”

Soil First Academy


Sponsored by Tom Irwin, Inc and conducted multiple times across New England, the EarthWorks Soil First Academy shows attendees how to interpret soil tests and build sustainable turf management programs based on the test results. Led by Joel Simmons, president of EarthWorks, the Soil Academy teaches the Soil First approach to balancing the chemistry of the soil in order to enhance plant health and fertilizer efficacy. The Soil First Academy is highly interactive with many golf course and sports turf professionals in attendance. The goal of the Soil Academy is to make familiar the array of data presented on a soil test in order to help turf professionals better manage their properties on a more sustainable basis. The Academy is held at Gillette Stadium in December, Connecticut in October, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire in March. We invite you to attend at any of these locations.  Contact Harris Schnare at Tom Irwin for more details.

Irrigation Water Forum


Sponsored by Tom Irwin, Inc and conducted at various times and locations throughout New England, the Irrigation Water Forum seeks to help golf course and sports turf managers better understand the affects of various types of irrigation water on their soil and plants. Led by Paul Skafas, Tom Irwin’s vice president, the Irrigation Water Forum looks at the chemical make up of various water sources and their effects on a soil’s physical characteristics. An in depth and interactive discussion on Sodium, Salts of Bicarbonates and Calcium Precipitates is at the heart of the talk.  Thousands of pounds of salts are deposited each year through your irrigation systems onto your turf grass and into your soil. Learn about these salts and how to mitigate the problems they can cause at the Irrigation Water Forum. Contact Harris Schnare at Tom Irwin for more details or to learn where the next Irrigation Water Forum will take place.

Product Innovation Event

Tom Irwin’s commitment to its clients is matched by an equally strong commitment to innovation – researching and developing new and better solutions for performing and managing turf care.

New Product Innovation is a forum held each year at Gillette Stadium where leading industry experts share information on developing technology while also showing innovative ways to use existing technology. Clients are introduced to manufacturers and encouraged to ask questions throughout the session. Product Innovation is well attended each year by over 100 superintendents and turf grass managers. Contact Harris Schnare at Tom Irwin for more details.

All possible activities are possible solely thanks to the hard work of many people and the help of Gale and Martin, our active sponsors. Thanks to the support of many patrons, we are able to make the world a better place and move technology forward.