Agronomic planning gets smarter and easier


At Tom Irwin, the focal point of all client work is the plan. Developed in coordination with each client and tailored to their specific needs, the annual plan guides and informs the turf professional’s work throughout the season. Because the plan is essential to success, Tom Irwin invested in the development of an online planner that tracks and automates many of the tasks associated with it. The Tom Irwin planner is an invaluable resource for any turf professional, saving significant time and effort and bringing greater clarity and understanding to their work.

“It’s all right there in front of everybody, which makes the business end of things easier.”
— Kevin Komer, Stowe Mountain Resort



The planning function is the heart of the planner. It’s where Tom Irwin sales reps and their clients work closely together to devise the upcoming season’s agronomic plans. Every detail is captured – from greens, tees, fairways, and field acreage to spray tank sizes, coverage, and dilution rates. Plant protectants, nutrients, and adjuvants are easily added as needed. Clients can annotate the planning function with application notes that detail the purpose for each spray. This wealth of detail enables clients to gauge their efforts and make incremental improvements over time.



Because turf management is dictated by the seasons, the planner opens with the calendar function. Here at a glance are all the details governing the day’s work: planned sprays to greens, tees, fairways, roughs, landscaping, and more. Turf professionals can add and edit events, and colorcode them for quick reference and convenience. Changes made are instantly and automatically reflected elsewhere in the planner.  With the calendar, a turf professional can get everything from a season-long view of applications to that day’s specific spraying plan.

“The Tom Irwin Planner is a great budgetary tool to show my general manager where the investment is going and why we’re doing it.”
—Bryan Barkley, Dir. of Facilities, Dodd Stadium

Budget Guide

Turf professionals can save considerable expense by making each product purchase at the right time – and in the right amount. The Tom Irwin  planner’s budget guide makes that possible by capturing all financial data and enabling users to experiment with “what-if” scenarios. The result is a tool that brings greater clarity and understanding to the budgeting process, as well as helping Tom Irwin clients to give professional-quality budget presentations to their superiors.

Product Solutions

Tom Irwin carries a full and diverse line of Turf Care Products including plant protectants, fertilizers and nutrients, organics, soil amendments, grass seed, and more. But most importantly, Tom Irwin professionals have the knowledge to help you best position these products to overcome everyday challenges. In an ever-changing chemical world, it’s nice to know you’re not alone.

“The Tom Irwin planner has made me a better turf manager while saving money. I’m not over-ordering anymore.”
—Jason VanBuskirk, Stow Acres Country Club


For Tom Irwin, soil, water, tissue, and pathology testing forms the essential basis of any sound agronomic program. The testing function underscores this importance by storing all data, and presenting it to users in an organized and easy to access fashion. Instead of searching through drawers and file cabinets, users have each years test data at their fingertips.


The regulatory tab allows the client to produce their yearly controlled product report based on their materials used during the calendar year. The reports are generated by compiling all the data they have entered into their planner during the growing season. The reports are customized to replicate the state reporting specific to their facility location.