We're here to help you and your golf course
look your best

Golf course maintenance, like the game of golf itself, rewards the thoughtful and the prepared. But even if you are the most diligent turf professional, you can sometimes find yourself facing the equivalent of an awkward bunker shot. The culprit may be a disease or pest infestation, or may possibly be the sudden result of our unpredictable New England weather. Whatever the challenge, the Tom Irwin team will be by your side to help you prepare and respond.

At Tom Irwin, we understand what you're up against. Our sales team has over 75 years of combined experience as golf course superintendents and over 25 years of combined experience in the sports turf management arena. All Tom Irwin sales staff are committed to your success and well trained in plant and soil sciences and water chemistry. Our representatives possess a sound knowledge of industry chemistries and their applications in order to help provide practical solutions to sometimes overwhelming issues. And whatever the issue, we are there to help both you and your golf course look your best.

We do it by working closely with our clients. We take an individualized, scientific, prescriptive approach to your turf care needs using a proven methodology from research and discovery, to solutions and recovery. The result is a jointly-developed strategic plan that addresses both your operational needs and your professional goals.

Here are some of the ways we work for you:

  • Tom Irwin’s turf grass recommendations are a direct result of an analytical interpretation of soil and water tests from your site along with university pathology assays which help identify present problems and possible future threats.
  • We use strategic agronomic planning tools when collaborating with our clients in developing and customizing a chemical and nutrient plan which addresses your site’s specific needs.
  • We facilitate and conduct education seminars to keep you informed and authoritative as the foremost expert in your organization.
  • We offer accommodating Early Order Programs which allow you to take advantage of key early season discounts.
  • Our customer relations team offers unparalleled support to our clients on every level. Inquiries on everything from sprayer and spreader calibrations, to order requests, invoicing, and delivery status, to product details and regulatory compliance, all are readily attended to by our courteous and talented customer relations team.
  • Our online Application Planner lets you formulate and plan your year’s chemical and fertilizer applications while tracking expenditures and monitoring inventory throughout the season.

When all eyes are on you, we are there to help. With Tom Irwin, you're not alone.