Industry Partners
Few companies have had as great an impact on the quality of people’s lives around the world as Bayer, the global chemical and pharmaceutical giant. Like its parent company’s most famous product, Bayer CropScience has been relieving the headaches of turf professionals for decades.
EarthWorks’ Soil First approach – a pioneering turf care philosophy built on balancing soil chemistry.
MESA reflects the company’s drive to combine experience and scientific knowledge in service to its customers’ needs
A deeper analysis delivers more effective and lasting results Soil testing is essential to effective and affordable turf management.
Silico Turf,LLC is focused on delivering the benefits of silicon in a comprehensive nutrition program for turf grass.
In the war for greener, healthier golf courses and athletic fields, PICKSEED offers some of the most potent weapons of all.
Precision Laboratories has been a leading provider of specialized chemistries for maximizing resource and biological performance potential.
Prime Turf’s water treatment products ensure that sprinklers are doing more than just keeping grass hydrated – they’re keeping it healthy.
Post-patent active ingredients are the workhorses of turf management,but Phoenix turns them into something more than mere “generics.”
After more than 140 years leading the chemical industry, it’s understood that success relies on more than molecules and scientific reactions; it also relies on people and human interactions.
In business together for more than 25 years, Tom Irwin and PBI/Gordon exemplify and honor the definition of the term loyalty.
Redox Turf leads the industry in innovative turfgrass nutritional solutions that are agronomically superior, environmentally responsible and economically sustainable.