The product is only the beginning

Erick Koskinen, Sales Representative at Precision Laboratories.

Erick Koskinen is as fervent a turf chemicals sales manager as you’re likely to meet. That’s not surprising, since Koskinen is a former golf course superintendent. He knows the challenges of the job and is deeply committed to solving them.

It’s an attitude he shares with the rest of his colleagues at Precision Laboratories, a company that has long been a leader and an innovator in specialized turf chemistries. It’s also why Precision Laboratories and Tom Irwin are such close partners.

“What’s terrific about working with Tom Irwin is we have a relationship of congruence,” said Koskinen. “Our core value is customer intimacy, as is Tom Irwin’s. It makes for a great relationship.”

Values aren’t the only things Precision and Tom Irwin share. The two organizations are equally dedicatedto innovation and the continuing development of technical knowledge.

“Any time we bring a new innovation into the market, we work hand in hand with them,” noted Koskinen. “We’ve even built products that Tom Irwin has requested for their clients.”

One such product is Ion, which addresses irrigation water quality. “They came to us and said, ‘Our clients have an issue that’s not being addressed. We want to work with you to address it.’ The results were fantastic,” recalled Koskinen. “Everything they do is unique to each client. There’s no copy-and-paste with Tom Irwin.”??To learn more about PrecisionLaboratories Products visit or

For 50 years, Precision Laboratories has been a leading provider of specialized chemistries applied to plants, seeds, soil and water to maximize resource and biological performance potential while stewarding the environment. With divisions in turf and ornamentals, agricultural chemistry, seed enhancements, and foliar nutrition, Precision’s mission is to contribute to the success of its customers and employees through intimate, trusting, integrity-based relationships.

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