A sustainable approach to soil science builds a sustainable business relationship

Joel Simmons, President of EarthWorks

EarthWorks and Tom Irwin enjoy a close relationship that began more than a decade ago when the Tom Irwin team was introduced to EarthWorks’ Soil First approach – a pioneering turf care philosophy built on balancing soil chemistry. As clients’ turf improved under the Soil First philosophy, the relationship deepened.

“They’re unique,” said Joel Simmons, president of EarthWorks. “There is no other distributor like Tom Irwin. They are truly client-oriented salespeople. They work one-on-one with their clients helping them discover ways to make not just their businesses better, but their lives better, too.”

EarthWorks supports that approach by regularly conducting Soil Academy workshops with Tom Irwin’s clients. In turn, the Tom Irwin team has worked closely with EarthWorks on new product development.

“Chris and his team discovered that many clients wanted to use our Replenish product on high-volume areas, but were having budget issues,” explained Simmons. “They told us if we could build a slow-release bridge product, we could meet their needs. So we developed Replenish 16-1-5, prototyped it with Tom Irwin, and it’s become a strong product for us.”

“Our most successful distributors really understand how to utilize our approach effectively,” said Simmons. “Tom Irwin does it better than anyone else in the country – and there’s no question about that.”

Established in 1988, EarthWorks is a leading provider of carbon based fertility products and programs to golf course and sports turf superintendents. EarthWorks takes a Soil First approach, using base saturation, and water soluble soil testing reports to focus on balancing soil chemistry, thereby enabling the soil to breathe and feeding needed carbon to soil microbes. EarthWorks’ Replenish dry organic fertilizers are the most complete spreadable products available, re-mineralizing heavily used soils and promoting recovery and sustainability. The company’s liquid fertility products combine complete foliar fertility with rich soil conditioners and bio-stimulants in one easy-to-use mixture.

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