A deeper analysis delivers more effective and lasting results

Susan Shaner, Director, Logan Lab

Soil testing is essential to effective and affordable turf management. With thorough testing, turf professionals can not only diagnose problems, but often cut down on costly fertilizers and treatments. And when it comes to comprehensive soil testing, Tom Irwin turns to Logan Labs.

“We do a very comprehensive soil test,” said Susan Shaner, Logan Labs founder and director. “We don’t piecemeal anything. Some labs will do pK and pH reporting – we don’t. We offer a complete package – all the majors and minors. We do a standard soil test, a saturated paste test, plant tissue testing, and irrigation water testing. Each one of these is a complete package. We don’t offer a bare minimum because we don’t believe you can make a recommendation on bare minimum.”

That uncompromising focus has served Shaner and Logan Labs well. After 10 years in business, Logan Labs continues to grow rapidly, attracting clients from all over the world.

Logan Labs shares its client-centric focus with Tom Irwin. “I was impressed with them early on and the way they operate their business,” said Shaner. “They’ve gone the extra mile to get the training, so each member of their team has the knowledge to do a great job in interpreting various test results – that’s why we have an exclusive service arrangement with them in New England. We really enjoy working with them.”

Logan Labs is the leading provider of analytical and consulting services to all areas of the agricultural community. Located in Lakeview, Ohio, the company prides itself on quick turnaround time – usually delivering results within four days. Accurate and consistent results are the top priority, and Logan Labs’ quality control program includes standard check samples and blind check samples. To help clients interpret results, Logan Labs also offers the expertise of many consulting agronomists who are knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of agriculture, soil and water testing and saturated paste extracts.

To learn more about Logan Labs services, visit www.LoganLabs.com


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