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John Hunt, Territory Manager, Lebanon Turf

Over the course of his 45-year career, John Hunt has developed a great appreciation for old-school professionalism. It’s a quality he brings every day to his work at LebanonTurf, where he manages accounts reaching from Baltimore to Maine. It’s a quality he also recognizes in Tom Irwin.

“Tom Irwin’s people are very well-qualified, consummate turf professionals,” said Hunt. “They make sure their people are trained to keep them up on all the agronomic tools. They’ve absolutely built their business around being full service.”

That matters to Hunt, because he counts on customers like Tom Irwin who understand the science behind products such as LebanonTurf’s patented MESA® technology, which delivers nitrogen slowly to produce consistent, brilliant color without excessive growth for up to eight weeks.

MESA reflects the company’s drive to combine experience and scientific knowledge in service to its customers’ needs – another quality LebanonTurf and Tom Irwin have in common.

“A lot of companies say they’re customer-driven,” said Hunt. “Tom Irwin reps are involved directly - almost on a day to day basis – with their clients’ agronomic pursuits. They work with them helping to build an agronomic regime based on soil, water, and plant science. Experience plus knowledge, that’s what makes them different.”

LebanonTurf, a division of privately held Lebanon Seaboard, is the only company serving the landscape and golf markets that offers both microbiological components and advanced controlled-release fertilizers delivered as part of an integrated systems approach to turf and plant care needs.

For more information on LebanonTurf, visit www.lebanonturf.com

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