How great turf takes root

Marissa McDowell and Mandi Mack, Sales representatives for PickSeed

Turfgrass is under constant attack – from disease, fungi, parasites, weather conditions, inferior water quality, and more. In the war for greener, healthier golf courses and athletic fields, PICKSEED offers some of the most potent weapons of all – proprietary turfgrass varieties developed to withstand these adverse influences.

“PICKSEED is different from its competitors in that we have our own research farm with three PhD’s on staff,” explained Mandi Mack, PICKSEED’s sales and marketing representative. “We develop our own varieties based on our own research, often working closely with universities, like Rutgers.”

For PICKSEED, anticipating emerging issues is key to success. “A couple of years ago when gray leaf spot was becoming a problem, we quickly developed four or five perennial ryegrasses that have excellent gray leaf spot resistance,” she said. As more turf professionals use reclaimed water for irrigation, PICKSEED is also working to give all of its varieties inherent tolerance for the salts in reclaimed water.

Tom Irwin has been an active partner with PICKSEED for more than eight years. “We often work with them to create mixes to address particular client’s needs,” said Mack. “Their team really strives for knowledge. If there are new grass seeds that can solve problems, they want to know about them.”

“What really sets Tom Irwin apart from every other distributor we work with is their commitment to their clients,” said Mack. “They are there to help them with any facet of their job – anything under the sun.”

PICKSEED is a leader in the development, production, and distribution of turf grass seed, forage crop seed, and hybrid corn seeds. Since its beginning in 1947, PICKSEED has built a trusted and proven reputation for quality, agronomic advice, and a commitment to research and technology.  PICKSEED operates one of the leading turf grass seed research and development programs in North America at its WileyTurf Grass Research Center in Corvallis, Oregon. PICKSEED has extensive, long term relationships with proven contract growers across western Canada and the north western United States, covering over 90,000 acres. Yields are proven and reliable through the diligent efforts of PICKSEED’s grower services departments and the experience, management practices, and resources of PICKSEED’s grower base.

To learn more about Pickseed products, visit www.Pickseed.com

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