How closer relationships result in better products

Sheree Scarbrough, Owner of Silico Turf

After working with golf course superintendents for years – first as a distributor and later as a manufacturer representative – Sheree Scarbrough saw an opportunity. She knew that silicon could increase wear tolerance on greens under stress. She also knew that existing silicon products left much to be desired.

“So I met with Chris Petersen, president of Tom Irwin, Inc. and asked, ‘If I can bring you a really great pellet that works like we need it to, would you be willing to go with me on this adventure?’” she recalled. “Chris said yes.” That meeting launched Scarbrough’s company, Silico Turf.

Why did Scarbrough approach Tom Irwin first? “The people at Tom Irwin take their responsibility to their clients very seriously,” she explained. “That’s why they do such an incredible job of bringing their clients solutions and working to make manufacturers a part of what they’re trying to accomplish.”

The result is a product that better meets turf managers’ needs. “It’s a huge advantage for me in product development,” she said. “I have them, their end-users, and everyone engaged in the development process.”

That collaboration is ongoing. “I’ve been working with Tom Irwin on a
sprayable product,” Scarbrough explained. “Their sales reps are very
knowledgable about what the product needs to look like, what kind of
rates, what percentage silicon – we’re really working with them handin-

Launched in 2010, Silico Turf,LLC is focused on delivering the benefits of silicon in a comprehensive nutrition program for turf grass. Silico Turf’s premier silicon product, SILI-CAL SS, is a 31-24-3 (Si-Ca-Mg) blend that uses the most soluble source of silicon available, making more silicon available to the plant more quickly. The product is easily mixed with fertilizer and the calcium in the formulation both increases uptake and replaces the need for a separate calcium  application.  Silico Turf is committed to delivering new,  innovative products and furthering the recognition of silicon as a dynamic nutrient for enhanced turf quality.


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