Water quality benefits from a quality partnership

Shelly Israelson, Sales Manager, Prime Turf

There’s been a growing awareness of the importance of water quality to turf management over the past decade, thanks in part to the pioneering work of Prime Turf. Prime Turf’s water treatment products ensure that sprinklers are doing more than just keeping grass hydrated – they’re keeping it healthy.

“As the environmental approach to applying water has become more accepted, clients have to prove that they’re not just efficient with their water usage, but actually improving it,” said Shelly Israelson, Prime Turf Sales Manager.

Israelson found willing listeners when he first connected with Tom Irwin several years ago. “I was taken aback initially, because they’re so well-educated, they’re so well-trained,” he said. “It’s a culture that’s been ingrained in the company from the get-go.”

“The Tom Irwin agronomic program is very detailed,” explained Israelson. “In fact, I don’t know of anyone who does it the way they do. They take a total approach to soil, water, turf type, and chemistries. They plug that into their planner. When the information indicates a potential candidate for water treatment, they discuss it with the client, then bring us in.”

The relationship is complementary; Tom Irwin supplies the sales and delivery of water treatment product and Prime Turf provides the equipment and service. “We are very selective about the companies that we partner with,” said Israelson, “and we’re thrilled to be partnered with a company of Tom Irwin's caliber."

Prime Turf is a leading distributor and manufacturer of water treatment equipment and specialty products focused on golf and sports turf applications. Offerings include: high quality, pH control and fertigation products; chemical injection equipment; irrigation system monitors and alarms; service and support; and turf water treatment application expertise. For more than 16 years, Prime Turf has remained the industry leader and continues to develop patented equipment and proprietary technologies for the most reliable chemical injection and fertigation control stations available today.n’s caliber.”

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