A smart approach to giving grass plants the nutrients they need

Craig Lambert, Sales Representative for Growth Products

Years ago, the founders of Growth Products decided to take a different approach to nitrogen delivery. They reasoned that, if they could develop an effective, long-lasting fertilizer in liquid form, they could make nitrogen more readily available and enable grass to green up and grow stronger faster.

The result was Smart Nitrogen™. Introduced in 1987, the slow-release liquid nitrogen product quickly became the cornerstone of their business. Tom Irwin has been a major partner in Growth Products’ success due to the company’s unique approach to client service, according to Craig Lambert, Growth Products’ Northeast Sales Manager.

“They don’t just walk in the door and say, ‘Hey, want to buy some products? Here’s what I’ve got,’” said Lambert. “They take care to review the situation with each client, develop a program with them, and position different products in the program so the client can achieve their goals.”

“They’re able to help their clients select the right product, use the product correctly, and get the best return on their investment,” said Lambert. “Their clients get great service and great results within
their budgets.”

Tom Irwin’s success with clients reflects well on Growth Products, according to Lambert.“I’ve been working with Tom Irwin since I started at Growth Products, and it’s been a pleasure,” he said. “We have a very good working relationship.”

Headquartered in White Plains, New York, Growth Products is “The Liquid Solutions Company” – the leading manufacturer of crystal-clear liquid fertilizers. The company’s products are founded on the advanced technology of slow release nitrogen controlled at the molecular level, and its product line includes chelated micronutrients, natural organics, and biological fungicides. Incorporated in 1984, Growth Products is dedicated to serving the green industry by providing agronomically sound and environmentally friendly products.

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