A value-added approach that enhances proven chemistries

Owen Towne, President Phoenix/UPI

Post-patent active ingredients are the workhorses of turf management – reliable, trusted, and effective. But Phoenix-UPI turns them into something more than
mere “generics.”

“We like to say we’re teaching old dogs new tricks,” said Owen Towne, president of Phoenix-UPI. “We take older active ingredients, apply all the newest surfactant, adhesion, and suspension technologies, and all the adjuvants that have come on the market more recently, and upgrade them to today’s standards.”

Towne sees that approach – adding value to deliver better performance – as a parallel to what Tom Irwin does. “One reason we’ve been fortunate enough to work with Tom Irwin over the years is that their philosophy gels very well with ours,” said Towne. “They’re a value-added company with a high level of service, a strong focus on quality, and good, talented people. That’s what Phoenix is about, as well.”

Phoenix-UPI expects to introduce at least four new active ingredients over the next 12 months, as well as three new NexGen products – the company’s most advanced post-patent formulations. Like all Phoenix-UPI products, they will be available in New England exclusively through Tom Irwin.

“I can’t say any more superlatives about Chris Petersen and the Tom Irwin team than you’ve haven’t already heard,” Towne laughed. “But I will say I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris for close to 30 years now and I consider him the gold standard in the industry. And Chris’ principles are reflected in all the people at Tom Irwin.”

Founded in 2004, Phoenix-UPI is dedicated to offering greater value in turf pesticides. The Valdosta, Georgia-based company selects effective, popular fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and other established products with expired patents and improves them. Phoenix-UPI offers a growing number of NexGen products, newer formulations that take advantage of the latest technological innovations in manufacturing and better options in raw materials to produce top-quality pesticides and plant growth regulators at more cost-efficient prices.

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