Protect your turf against winterkill

Our guide is packed with strategies and solutions to help you protect your turf this winter. Have you done everything you can to prepare?

As the playing season winds down, most of us are looking forward to a hard-earned respite from the constant attention a golf course demands all summer long. But as much as we might want to ease up a bit in the fall, it’s really the most critical time to prepare your turf to survive the ravages of winter.
Without adequate preventive measures, you could find yourself working through next year’s entire season—and spending unnecessary dollars—trying to restore a green that still hasn’t recovered from winter’s damage.

There’s no telling what Mother Nature will dish out this winter, but you can spare yourself that extra effort and cost by taking proactive measures to protect your turf. Produced in collaboration with our clients and industry partners, this booklet provides information and recommendations that can help minimize damage and ensure a swift recovery from the devastating effects of winterkill. In fact, the turf-building impact of sound preparation practices will keep paying dividends well into the next playing season.

Best of all, when opening day rolls around next spring and the air is filled with excited expectations, you’ll be able to say, “I’m doing everything I can—and it shows.”

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